• Clash of The Titans 2015

    The Clash of the Titans is a band contest that was originally set up as a band competition for bands that practice in dB's rehearsal studios. Stichting Ruis, the organization responsible for the programming in dB's, is the original initiator and organizer of this band contest that has been expanded to include a contest for all bands from the city of Utrecht and nearby area. The contest has a great history, dating back to 1998. Since then, the Clash has brought many musicians to fame such as We vs Death, the Walt, Kismet, Strop Strikkers, Sheriff of Hong Kong and this year Marock 'n Roll (also creditable third in the last Sena Pop Awards). Invariably the Clash is described in the press as “Utrecht’s most atmospheric band competition” and with the demise of the Uur U and other band contests in the past, the Clash has been promoted to one of the few remaining, and certainly the biggest band contest in Utrecht.