• About Sater | Bio

    SATER. Is a four-pieced progressive psychedelic rock band formed in December 2014 in Utrecht. Serving melodic riffs with powerful strong structures combined with wicked rhythm sections, SATER. will blow you away during our performances. Our sound may remind you of  Porcupine Tree, Queens of the Stone Age and King Crimson but although we got our inspiration partially from these bands, SATER. has created its own unique ‘SATER.’ sound.

    The band is alive and kicking for half a year now, but already we have a variety of songs ready to make sure you will become a SATER. addict. Busy with recording and writing, later this year SATER. will drop its debut EP.

    Get ready and let SATER. grab you by the balls.

  • Band Members

  • Yassir Oostrom

    Lead Singer and Guitar

    • Zico Schoen


      • Adam Panagopoulos


        • Freek de Wit